About Armstrong Farm

Founded in 2020, Armstrong Farm is an up and coming regenerative farm located in Southwest Michigan, about 2 hours North East of Chicago & just 40 minutes from South Bend and Kalamazoo. Sisters Ashley & Sarah live on the property, and are currently transforming the previously monocropped fields into green perennial pastures as part of their mission to "heal the soil" by use of regenerative agriculture & Ashley's PhD in Mechanical Engineering. As such, any time you book an event at The Red Barns, you're supporting a greater mission to heal the Earth through holistic farming methods. 

That said, the wedding & events barns will completely fund the farm, & will allow for future expansion of the acreage to transform more degraded fields into green pastures capable of sequestering carbon & restoring the health of the soil. If this all sounds confusing, you can learn more about Ashley & Sarah's mission on their Instagram page here

You can also follow along the renovations of the barns here. The barns you see in the pictures on the website are not in final format - there's a lot that needs to be done, and we're documenting it all on Instagram as we speak!

So... why The Red Barns? Well, the sisters also have a passion for creating special moments & hosting memorable events. With a bachelors that encompassed Event Planning, Sarah has always dreamed of having her own venue, & both Ashley & Sarah grew up watching the classic "Hallmark movies" with their mom, Carolyn. Thus, the desire to create a dreamy country wedding kind of runs in the family... 

These three female entrepreneurs are making their dreams a reality (with the love & support of Papa Armstrong, of course), but more importantly, we'd love to help you make your dream wedding or event a reality, and we know our venue is the perfect place to make this happen. Get in touch to schedule your event today!


Follow along with the barn renovations on Instagram!